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, the gentleman from california, mr. campbell. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. camp spel -- mr. campbell: thank you, mr. chairman. i don't know if you've been to spain or mot, i have, just once, it's a beautiful country. nice people, great food. at one time a large, vibrant, growing economy. but not today. today in spain over half of people under 25 years old can't find work. the unemployment amongst all ages in spain is about what we had during the great depression, not the great recession, but the great depression of the 1930's. people on government medical care there can't get it. they can't get it when they want it because they had to close a lot of medical clinics in order to save money. they had to do that because they waited too long to fix their fiscal problems. they waited until they had a debt crisis. and then they had to do what my friend from maryland said, they had to impose an austerity program. raise taxes and cut spending very quickly. in a matter of just a year or so. that's what they had to do to continue being able to sell their debt. that, mr. cha
to the gentleman from california, mr. campbell. the chair: the gentleman from california is recognized for two minutes. mr. campbell: thank you. i thank the gentleman from south carolina. thank you, mr. chairman. sometimes, mr. chairman, you live in a neighborhood, you look down the street, and there is a neighbor there. and they got new cars and they are remodeling the kitchen and they take a lot of expensive vacations. you look down the street and you wonder how are they doing that? they live on the same street that we live on. how are they doing all that stuff? and you're tempted. well, why don't we get some new cars. why don't we get -- redo the kitchen and take some longer, nicer, more expensive trips? and then one day the sticker goes up on the window of that house that says that they have to leave. and the moving van comes up and the house is foreclosed upon, the cars go away, they can't use the kitchen anymore, they are not doing any more trips. and you realize you made the right decision. it was a mirage. it looked like they could pay for all that, but they couldn't. this is an allego
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2